Beware of unlicensed locksmiths. At Kamand Locksmith we guarantee professionalism with our team of locksmiths.  Integrity and customer satisfaction are at the center of our excellent products and services.  We are fully licensed and bonded, we deliver reliable and authentic assistance for your locksmith and security needs. Unfortunately, while our business is centered on customer safety, there are still numerous fraud companies exploiting money from unsuspecting clients. These companies are rip-offs who are notorious for intimidating and coercing individuals to compensate for their fraudulent services.


What are the tell-tale signs of a scam lock and key business?

  1. Firstly look at for false contact numbers and addresses that are posted on fraud locksmiths’ ads. The fake number is usually traced back to a call center situated at a different location.


  1. Next look for their reviews. If they are really an established locksmith company they will have reviews.  Check out our stellar reviews on Yelp.


  1. Lastly, scammers overcharge for their services. Although they may initially offer a cheaper quoted price, they add unnecessary charges for what they claim as additional services. Further, the work is often never fully complete because they want to demand further payments.


Never compromise your safety and security.  Avoid locksmith scams! Trust only professional and legitimate businesses with an excellent reputation who value your security and satisfaction above all like Kamand Locksmith. To learn more about our excellent services, call (714) 477-4833.

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